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The Japanese Government and Nisshin Seifun corporation analyze the terminal’s technology

11:45 AM, by Admin TASA in News

The Portsite terminal of agribulk commodities at Santander, welcomed last Friday, for the second time, a delegation from Japan, interested in knowing in detail the state of the art technology of the facilities at the Port of Santander.

According to Andrés Gómez Bueno, President of Tasa, the company responsible for the construction and management of the terminal, the first visit took place in July 2012, 15 days after the terminal entered into operation. On that occasion the Responsible for Cereals of the Agriculture Department of Japan, Tadashi Anzai, travelled to Puerto de Raos, together with two technicians of a Japanese consultancy, to see in situ themselves the operation of the terminal in detail. The delegation was especially impressed by the innovative solution implemented to handle agribulk commodities, with the highest efficiency and the most demanding environmental guarantees settled by EU laws.

The protagonists of the visit on this second ocasion, have been some representatives of Nisshin Seifun Group, an Agrifood corporation that is just about to start the building of a new portsite terminal in Tsurumi, Japan. As the delegates said, the corporation is interested in putting into practice many of the solutions implemented in the terminal of the Port Authority of Santander; and both parties plan to sign a MOU and cooperate in technological matters, signed by the Cantabrian company, Soluciones de Gestión Nortic,, part of Grupo Gof, and the Japanese corporation based in Chiyoda-Ku.

Both visits has allowed the two delegations to know in detail the functioning of the terminal, the global management system of the requirements regarding environment and food safety and the performance of an innovative  management system based on IT.

Nisshin Seifun Group operates in a wide range of sectors, in countries such as, Japan, Thailand,China, EEUU and Canada. They own the best quality nutritional value pasta brands. Within this scenery, the Japanese company has shown an enormous interest in the “ exquisite quality wheat is handled with, in the agribulk portsite Terminal at the Port of Santander.”

Andrés Gómez Bueno, TASA’s President, has outlined the importance of the cooperation with the Japanese company. It’s very comforting to confirm that the worldwide leaders in cereals handling, regarding both, environmental excellence and storing and transport management consider us a reference Terminal” “Their valuation contrast with the scarce technical criteria under which many facilities are awarded and built in our country” stated the entrepreneur.