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10 TASA Singular Features

  • 1. Unloading vessels’ cargo through the terminal, prevents the release of CO2 in atmosphere.
  • 2. Tasa is an agribulk dedicated terminal, handling exclusively commodities of vegetable origin for food and feed, thus there is no risk of undesirable substances such as dioxins (petroleum coke) or chemicals (fertilizers) sticking to the cargo.
  • 3. Commodities are transported to a warehouse with no intervention of trucks, preventing dirty water from entering the silo (quite common problem in rainy days during unloading operations by means of trucks)
  • 4. Commodities are carried within the terminal, enclosed and encapsulated, dust being aspirated by 30 screening equipment.
  • 5. The continuous unloading system permits to easily obtain representative samples (that is not feasible with the traditional method of crane and trucks).
  • 6. Splitting the cargo into 2.600 T batches minimizes the impact of any problem regarding food/feed safety.
  • 7. An effective birds’ control system at our facilities, keeps food and feed safe.
  • 8. The short distance between warehouse and factory minimizes the logistic risk.
  • 9. Quality air improvement since the release of PM10 dust particles is prevented.
  • 10. Inmission control in the vicinity of Santander.