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The ACEFAM’s Management Board visits Tasa

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The ACEFAM’s Management Board visits Tasa

The Management Board of Asociación Cántabra de la Empresa Familiar (ACEFAM) visited TASA’s facilities last April 6th , where they could see by themselves the performance and operative excellence of the terminal.

The visit was guided by the director of the company, Álvaro Barrio, as well as by the general manager of Grupo Gof, Andrés Gómez Bueno, who also belongs to the governing body of ACEFAM.

ACEFAM is a not-for-profit independent private entity that was founded to support and defend the family companies in Cantabria. The association’s aim is to support the growth and development of the family companies and enhance their connection with the Autonomous Community through the promotion of socially responsible policies

The aforementioned visit has taken place in the year the terminal has reached 1 million tons handled in its facilities.

The members of the board showed interest in the design features of the terminal, that has placed the Port of Santander at the global forefront in accordance with the  most demanding quality standards regarding environment, safety and hygiene.